What We’re Made Of!

Sugar & Spice and whole lot more! The Society for Girls, Inc. is a Non-profit mentoring program that focuses on the empowerment of young girls, as well as their development into womanhood. The Society for Girls, Inc. is based in the Washington, DC metro area. The program was created to help transition young girls into the best women they can be. The program caters to middle school girls, aged 11-13 that come from low to middle economic backgrounds. Regardless of their age and life situation, the lessons learned in the program will carry them into adulthood.


The executive board of The Society for Girls, Inc. consists of well educated, business savvy, young driven women that are determined to empower the next generation of girls. Each member of the board has worked in some capacity of motivating and inspiring young women. They are commited to helping the next generation make a smooth transition into womenhood.

All Programs

The program offers four campaigns that will broaden the horizons of any young girl. “Im so Fab” is a campaign that will encourage girls to love & respect themselves. Programs such as “MYGIENE” will help promote healthy living. The “Change for Change” campaign will offer influential programs for their future in higher education & will also feature a workshop called “The Investment Club”. “The Gift of Giving” campaign promotes community involvement. The ‘Media & Me” campaign is designed to help girls understand the effects media and peer pressure can have on their development. The workshop “Cool It” teaches the girls about Drugs & Alcohol and its effects.


“The girls in the area I live in are introduced to disturbing things at a very young age. The Society for Girls, Inc. gives them a positive out look where they can learn the things they should be learning at home.”

Samantha Williams
Prince Georges County School Teacher


“It’s hard to describe the relief I feel each day knowing that my children are in a safe and secure environment after school, where they are learning and growing as individuals. This program has been a godsend to my family, and I don’t know what we would do without it.”

Deonna Jackson
Washington, DC Mother of two girls